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Carrie -NYC March 3rd, 2016

You want to hire Enid. I could rattle on about Enid's talent, ease of spirit, up-for-anything-ness, and overall just general warmth and lovely character, but I'd much rather list for you the ways her stellar-ness came through IN ACTION. I hired Enid to do my hair and makeup for my wedding day, as well as my mom's hair+makeup and my sister's makeup. Spoiler: we all looked gorgeous, and here are all the examples of why you'd be a fool not to hire her.

Before wedding day:
* She was timely in her replies to any/all of my inquiries. She's also up front with her pricing, no trickery or last-minute add-ons to pricing. 
* She'll come to you for a trial; she was on time and was in touch both when she was on her way and getting close to my apartment.
* She was responsive and engaged with my pinterest board with ideas; offered suggestions and asked more questions about my style, likes, dislikes. Then she absolutely incorporated all of that during her trial. I loved the trial.
* I lost my sanity and changed my mind completely about my hair, and she was kind enough to set up a second time to come to me & trial my hair - she didn't make me feel weird about it and was so thrilled to settle on something I was excited about.

I got married on January 23rd in Manhattan - the epic blizzard day when basically the whole city shut down. On my wedding day, Enid was also ace. 
* She took an early ride into the city from Jersey just in case the weather held her up - she even got to the hotel a little early!
* Though we didn't hire her for my sister's hair, she was game to help talk through tips to my sister trying to figure out her own hair while Enid was also working on Mom - so sweet.
* The weather got progressively worse, and we got news that the roads were shutting down before I even sat down in my chair. She insisted on staying to finish the job, so we made sure to get her a hotel room just in case she wouldn't make it back to Jersey. Thankfully, she was able to finish and catch a ride out, but just her willingness to stay is a testament to her character!
* Enid did not flinch and didn't rush; she just stayed calm and serene and helped us through a pretty critical few hours of pure insanity as we rushed to get ourselves and our guests where they needed to be before all the roads shut down.

And on top of all that ,we all looked and felt beautiful! Can't recommend her more.

Chandler -NYC June 9th, 2015


Enid is the best.  She is a very talented makeup artist and hair stylist who made me, my sisters, and my mom look fantastic for my wedding day last month.  She completely nailed the look everyone was going for, and my hair and makeup held up remarkably well through sweat and tears over the following twelve hours.

Just as important, though, Enid is an absolute delight to have around.  We all loved having her fun, warm, and (most importantly) calm energy with us for so much of the day.  She also responded to all my emails promptly and thoroughly, and just generally made the process so easy and fun.  Cannot recommend her enough!

Lctccc C. - Brooklyn, NY  9/5/2014

I hired Enid for my wedding makeup in August 2014 in Brooklyn. She did such a great job--I wanted a more natural look, and she found the exact balance on the too much/too little spectrum. My makeup lasted all night and didn't fade, nor did I feel like it was too heavy on my skin. Basically, she made me feel like a prettier version of myself, which I really appreciated that day, and it ended up looking great in the photos. 

I also did a trial with her a couple of weeks before the wedding, which I was on the fence about initially because I knew I didn't want airbrushing or anything crazy, plus I'm not a very difficult person. Afterwards, I'm glad that I did because it allowed me to think a little more about exactly what I wanted on the actual wedding day, and I was 100% happy with how I looked (and I did end up making a couple of small changes from the trial). Overall, completely happy with the results, plus Enid was laid-back, charming, and totally professional.

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